Sunday, 16 January 2011

Why is everything so tasty? :/

I should be really shot whenever I decide to cook for my family. Because it is all so damn tasty that even I am having trouble stopping myself. Seriously, I love and hate the fact that I'm so good at cooking.

There is still a small peace of yesterdays cake left too and it almost feels as if it is speaking to me. But no way! I have eaten too much already.

I made all sorts of musroom dishes. And they were fantastic. My mom and dad were so happy.

My granny just hates it when I cook better then she does, since that means that she gets pushed out of the kitchen and that is something like an unforgivable act. But she makes everything so fattening that I just want to kill myself for even looking at it. So even the FAT food that I prepare is unbelievably light in comparison. So yeah.

But tomorrow I am beginning my diet. Yay! Can't wait. And I am going to measure myself again. I hope I see some good changes.

Anyway. Going to watch some movies again.
Bye, bye for now.

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