Thursday, 27 January 2011

Damn! *Ranting - read at your own risk*

So I went to the gym and wanted to pay for the month using the same card I had last year. BUT! The gym people obviously want to get as much money out of us as possible and they stated that I need to re-register, meaning I have to caugh up around 60 more dollars on top of the $45 I have to pay for the month. Of course, being the unemployed student I am, I don't just have $100 dollars lying around my wallet to pay up. So, I took my obviously useless card and went back home to mope here.

Seriously! WTF?! Even the monthly pay is enough to get me thinking wether I really want to beg my parents for money, but this was a shock I wasn't exactly expecting. So yes. The guy there told me that they will have some sort of price reduction for Valentines. However, looking at their home-page makes me think that it will be one of those "come train here together with your sweetheart" things, which don't exactly work for me, since I am pathetic and single and have no friends. Hooray... >:/

I fucking hate Valentines on top of that. The one day in the year which is made to make me feel like shit and hate the world even more. And this year is not going to be any different. Because, of course, He has appeared in my life, but let's admit it - He is not exactly here, is He? But all of those mushy, discusting Valentine cards, figurines, balloons and all that shit are (Not like I want Him to get me any of those. Dear gods! I would probably hit Him, if He would. I might be cliche romantic, but DAMN! are those ugly) So yes... *deep breath*...

...*one more deep breath*...

Ok. So I guess I'll be looking out for that price reduction thing. Maybe they won't be as much of asses and actually let single people not feel like shit.

I hope that things are going better for you all.

I'm going to make my schedule things. Try including some home exercise (in your face you fucking gym-bastards). Oh and I am thinking to join in the 200 squats, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and World Plank challenges. They sound good enough for me.

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