Monday, 17 January 2011


Weight - 76.5 kg
Height - 171 cm

Breasts - 100 cm
Underbust - 82.5 cm
Waist - 78 cm
Lower waist - 94 cm
Hips - 104.5 cm
Thighs - 62 cm
Arms - 28 cm

So that is way better than last Monday, BUT no way as good as I want it to be. I hate that my thigs are so huge and that my stomack shows the discusting fat. I don't care how much work it will involve and how much restricting and dieting and fasting. I'll get back to myself! Fuck it! I can do it!!! :)

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels <3

So this morning breakfast according to the diet consists of one cup black coffee. No milk, no sugar, no nothing. Just coffee. I'll tell you a secret, I hate black coffe. The fact that the diet consists of so many things that I don't like taste wise, makes me not want to eat. Because I know that all that I will be eating won't be so tasty :P Take that, fat!

Time to write into my diet supposrt group. The girls there have no idea about my eating plans though. Neither of them would support regular fasting though. So neither of them will know. I just wish I had a fasting/exerising buddy here.

Anyway, this is close enough for me.
Love you girls!
Stay strong <3

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  1. great job hun!!! we are all rooting for u :)