Thursday, 20 January 2011

Day 1 fasting - done

Today has been a success. I feel really in control over myself and it feels So Good. I have missed this.

I have been having only water and Coke Zero, which is 1 kcal for half a litre. So basically, while my cousin and her friends are getting smashed with cocktails and sangria, I am clinging to my 2 litre bottle of Zero. We are going to go out soon enough. And since I don't have enough money, I'll be having just some water and dancing the night away. More calories lost.

Today I went bowling with my band too. The six of us played for two hours. Actually it was pretty awesome despite the fact that I thought it will suck big time. You know, I usually really suck at bowling. All those three or four times I have played. However, today was ok. I didn't kill anyone xD And actually managed to win one round. Score. Though the bastards at the bowling hall turned off the mayor lights and left only the neon lamps. It was pretty, of course, but with my screwed up eye-sight, I had trouble aiming. At least as good as I was able to when the lights were on. Anyway. It was nice. Good, fun two hours. The only downside was that I really wanted to have a beer together with the guys, since I am used to drinking together with them. And one of them ordered the garlick bread, which is devilishly tasty and smelled so good. But I controlled myself and got over it. Smiled like a retard, when I understood that I could.

Anyway. There are eight nice, loud people behind my back talking about drinking and having fun. Good times :)

I hope that you are doing well, my beauties.
Keep on being awesome <3

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