Sunday, 16 January 2011


Stepped on a scale again. And I am 76.6 kg. Not as much as I expected to see after yesterday's food flood, but not what I was aiming for till 15th. So now I'll have to work twice as hard to get to my next goal 71 kg till the end of January. So that means 5.6 kg. It would have been just 4, if I hadn't been binging a lot during the second week of new year. Ok. No difference if I start to bash myself about it now. Just hard work, lot of liquids and diet, diet, diet :)

I woke up just recently. Slept almost 11 hours. That is so crazy. But I feel really rested. That is great. I remember I was dreaming a lot. And not just pleasent dreams. It all mingled between good dreams to really bad ones. Like fire in my apartment, cats, robbers, maniacs, cutting hair, travelling, falling and not being able to climb stairs or walk, and load of other things. There was so much going on. Like a month's worth of stuff in a real life. But it is so blurry, that I can't remember anything that really happened. That is such a crazy thing about dreams. Why is it that we forget them all the time? I would love to remember. I'll try looking up some meanings for what I still remember. That is always fun.

Ok. I am off to my parents. They are probably wondering, where I am.

Have a great day and see you later.

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