Saturday, 22 January 2011

Last night

Was Epically awesome :)

I just returned from my singing lesson, where I sucked. Seriously, since I am so very tired. I mean, I was home at around 8:30 and was awoken at 11:20, leaving me to blessed 3 hours f sleep after a whole night of seriouos partying. Actually I was planning to go dancing with the people who were at my place the last night, BUT since I decided to drop in my ex-working place to take my headphones and have a nice chat with the colleague... one thing lead to another and yes. We drunk a lot there, danced (on the table) then went to another bar and continued drinking, and then drove to his place and smoked weed xD And then I caught a bus home very tired, tipsy, etc.

Anyway. The night was awesome. Ok. I had said that I will not be drinking till mid-february, but oopsies happen xD I am proud that I didn't buy anything to eat though. I did eat one slice of orange and a coctail cherry though. Let's, of course, not count the calories in the alcohol.
So I am still fasting. And guess what? I broke 75 kg. In the morning I saw 74.8 kg. So the idea of getting down to 73, which I had in November, doesn't seem like such an impossible thing anymore. And I still have two days of no food still. Then I guess I'll be having a kefir day on Monday. Not really solid food, but still. I just REALLY want to lose that discusting fat.

On the bright side, I could control my eating even while drunk and smoking. Awesome feeling.

I am so much in control at the moment it is cute :3

Stay strong, lovelies.

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