Friday, 21 January 2011


The night turned out different then planned yesterday. It was fun never the less, but different.

So the peeps got really trashed while still at our place. And my cousin was so slammed that we decided just to stay in and not go anywhere. Actually it is a pity, since I wouldn't have minded dancing.

So anyway. Around 3 am the others left, since they have job and exams and whatnot today. And me and my cousin went to sleep. She was feeling not so sharp though. She told me that the world is spinning xD And she got sick. Which would be ok, unless I wouldn't be cleaning the apartment this morning. And the bathroom had some technical difficulties and obviously went all discusting on me. So hooray... :/ That was not so lovely.

And I was awoken at 8:30 am. Meaning that I am sleeeeeeepy.... But have to write my essay and probably tonight I'll be going dancing, since the people from yesterday are going out tonight and blackmailed me into coming with them. I know it will be fun, just I am laaaaazy as fuck today. Bleh...

Fine. I should quit whining about actually having a social life. Some people actually want it xD

So bye for now. I'll try to motivate myself and force out the damned 10 page report out of my unresposive brain.

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