Monday, 17 January 2011

Something extra for today.

Brightday*b - I seriously think it is common. Especially during the exam period. A person should be crazy to like the exam period :D
Though sometimes I believe it would be nice to be away from my parents. I love them dearly, but they are so overprotective that I just get more stress out of it. Funny, but I always really wanted to live in a campus and share a room with other students. Though that was never an option, since the student houses here are meant only for those who live further than 60 km from the city. So yeah. That stays just a dream :D

Unrelatedly - just watched soldier home comming video on youtube. This one here:

Cried like a little baby. Now my mascara is all runny and I have panda eyes. It is so emotional and beautiful. And in some strange way - very thinspirational. At least for me. Since I totally lost the thought about the cookies that my cousin left on the table and thought how I need to be skinny when He comes home. And now I have this huge, stupid smile on my face, run down mascara, and red eyes. Awesome! Fit for a beauty queen xD

Anyway. Good night. Love you all!


  1. i sobbed, wasting the little water i have in my body.
    i had to go back and just watch the first girl over again.
    the way her face breaks.
    its the kind of thing that hurts your soul just a little

  2. Aww. It's weird, but I agree that for some reason it's appetite suppressing. I guess because after watching something like that, it's hard to feel worthy of a big bowl of pasta. It sort of leaves your stomach not wanting to food.

  3. oh gosh this did make me cry!
    and yep, i would give anything to get away from my parents for a while!