Monday, 31 January 2011


So yesterday went relatively well. After band repetition I did eat a sandwitch and a bit of cheese though. I don't even know why. Just saw it and ate for the hell of it. I think I'll have to limit my visits to the kitchen or something. Because eating "for the hell of it" is no good in my book.

Did my exercising today too. I did my breathing exercises and then two sets of pilates from a DVD I bough ages ago. I must say that I like that dance workout much more then pilates though. Anyway, so my exercise today consisted of 20 minutes of breathing exercises, 1 hour or pilates, 1min 50s of holding Plank, 30 leg lifts each, sretching and splits, 79 squats, 87 sit-ups, 57 push-ups and 50 reverse crunches. Totalling to two hours. Today I was totally out of my comfort zone with the sit-ups. My abs are really sore. Which is good. Means it is working. Anyway, there are two more days to adjust before I increase the amounts again.

Just finished my tea and breakfast carrot. A lot to do today. That should take my thoughts away from munching.

I am going to go and donate blood again today. It has been some time already. Time to do something good to people.

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