Thursday, 20 January 2011


It might be wrong and twisted in most people's book, however, I am going to fast. Until Monday sounds good to me. Then I will se how it goes. Maybe prolong the fast, maybe not. I'll see. At the moment I just NEED to get the control back and reverse the damage I have done. Desperately need to. I am so tired that I have no control over anything. Anyway. Someone willing to join me?

So the only thing I have to do, is making sure that I keep myself occupied with all sorts of things. Tomorrow shouldn't be much of a problem, since I am forced to go bowling with a couple of people. Quite honestly, I don't really want to, but whatever. It is a good way to keep myself busy. And I have a music lesson, and I'll probably go dancing tomorrow night. Then on Friday and the weekend I'll burry myself in the uni related projects. Maybe go out dancing again. Don't know jet. So going to be busy, busy, busy.

Today I found a strange relief in playing scales on the piano. Peaceful. Just have to concentrate on the fingers. And that's it. I'll probably be annoying neighbors with those for some time. And doing all sorts of chord sequences. Never thought that I'll find something appealing to me in solfege. Glad that I did though, since I have to learn all of that stuff till entrance exams.

Oh! And planning to get my ice skates sharpened. I want to go skating this weekend.

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