Thursday, 27 January 2011

Promising day

And after all, I couldn't get to bed like a normal human being yesterday. Went to sleep at 1 am. Just two hours after the time I had planned. Which, of course, means I got less sleep as a result. Oh well. I'm going to wake up completely soon enough, since I am getting my lazy ass to gym in approximately 15 minutes :3

The weather forecast on my toolbar informs me that it is -12 degrees C outside. I wonder if it is time to get my fur coat out. Nah... The autumn/spring coat is still adequate. Will just wear a jacket under it.

Ever since the moment I wrote yesterady that I will make a daiy schedule, I have been longing to do that. I guess I have a serious thing for lists and schedules. I used to make them daily. Like planned out the whole day minute by minute. I even had showers and getting dressed planned out to the minute. I want that again. I guess that I will try making them today, when I return from the gym.

All right. Off I go to start a nice day ;)

P.S. I am beginning a four day fast again. I am guessing, maybe I should make that a weekly thing - no food wednesday and up? I am not sure about the possibility to do that though, since everyone alwyas celebrate things in the weekend. And I go out drinking partying generally. Well, I can try anyway. Not like it changes anything much in my life. Or maybe just make Monday to Friday a fadting period and eat something just in the weekends? I'll think about it while in gym.

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