Monday, 17 January 2011

Diet and uni stuff

Thank you for all of your lovely comments, Scarlet. I really appreciate it :) It is a lovely feeling to know that someone really is listening to whatever I have to say.

So returning to the main thing - the day 1 of my diet is over. Today I had:
Lunch: A half bowl of boiled cabbage with vinegar (because I hate oil), two boiled eggs and a glass of tomato juice.
Dinner: 1 serving of pangasius slightly roasted in 1 tsp of olive oil (no salt. Just some pepper and spicy paprica)
Total of: 282 kcal. Score~

Skipped the brekfast coffee, because I was late for my university and had no time to run to my parents and drink some. Good enough for me, since I HATE coffee xD Also had prepared more boiled cabbage for lunch, but couldn't stuff it in. The taste was so plain and just eww. So threw out half of it. Pangasius was good though. I liked that.

On the other side (the not so bright side) - my university SUCKS! I hate it with a burning passion. I wish it were over already. The teachers don't give a damn about me, since I am alone in my year for Japanese language. I shouldn't even be here. They should have said - either come next year or not at all. And I would have said: "Screw you, fuckers. See you never!" Because all I care for is enrolling into a music academy this summer. And then I will be happy and satisfied doing what I really want to do. Took me long enough to figure out what I want. Now I can't wait.

Anyway. I still have a presentation to prepare till next tuesday, a report to write till next wednesday, an exam to go to tomorrow, and, of course, the bachelors thesis that is hanging over my head like a sword of Damocles. I hope that this semester there won't be any shit lectures I don't care about. Just self tought Japanese with an exam in the end. I can survive that.

That is enough venting. Have to persuade myself do some of the damn report.

Have fun lovely ladies!

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  1. We're on the same wavelength. I hate uni too. I'm bored and lonely and miserable. Though apparently that's quite common. At least yuo have your parents close. My mum is hundreds of miles away, and my bf is even further. I just hate the accommodation I'm in, and how ignorant people are.
    Anyway, good luck with your diet and all your uni work. I hope you get it done. Focus on that instead of eating. I'm fasting today and am having to do horrible housework jobs to disgust me and take my mind of being hungry. And try some turmeric with the cabbage or cider vinegar, for different tastes.
    Take care x