Thursday, 17 February 2011


So tonight I am going to meet my two ex-colleagues and have a girls night out. Basically I am wondering what am I going to drink tonight. Actually, I am thinking about Long Island Ice Tea. The place where I am going to take them has happy hours from 20:00 - 22:00, 2 for 1 coctails, so that would mean I could get 2 Long Islands. The info on about it sais that there are 138 kcal in one serving, which is relatively not that bad. Especially because 2 of those are going to get me tipsy enough, because of the HUGE amount of alcohol.
So probably I'm going to have that. Sucks that I have uni tomorrow morning though. Have to be able to get up early xD

Anyway. Just weighted myself again this mornig. 76.8 kg. So I have passed the first landmark of 77.5 and if by next Thursday I am still under 77.5, then I am finally getting my manicure done. Score!
Though the 75.0 is something that I am looking for much more :3 2 more ear piercings - Here I come! :D

Now to do my morning exercises.
Have a great day!

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