Sunday, 20 February 2011



4 Books:

1) J.K.Rowling each and every book of "Harry Potter" series, because I am a big child at heart.
2) Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles". "Vampire Lestat" was glorious.
3) E.A.Poe's tales and poems. I first read them while I was in a hospital many, many years ago and still can call them my favorites.
4) Oscar Wilde. Practically everything by him too. However, "The Picture of Dorian Gray" is my possibly favorite book of all time.


Today my band repetition was cancelled. Actually, I can't say that I am saddened by that. That probably is a bad thing, since I should actually want to go there and try making our songs better. But I just don't care much about the band. So now I have some more hours in which I can do absolutely nothing valuable xD

All day I am feeling EXTREMELY lazy. Woke up just around 11 in the morning, which is crazy for an early bird like me. I like going to bed early and getting up early. That is my natural regime. So I probably slept just too much to feel comfortably rested. Usually 7-8 hours work the best for me. Still trying to trick myself into doing at least something worthwhile. Otherwise, this is a really useless day. I know I can manage at least something.

Olivia, you asked about how I got through my fast. So I'll try to give some advice ;)
I am not really in a very good relationship with thinspiration pictures. The thin girls just usually get me depressed and depression gets me into eating. So usually I don't look for pictures like that. Basically, I was just reading everyones blogs like crazy :D
And I tryied getting my mind away from food. Since I was attending a seminar that took up the day till some 5 o'clock, I had less time to spend thinking about food. Also did as much physical activities as I could just to burn the stored energy.
Intake wise, I drank a lot of liquids - loads of Diet Coke, water and tea. Those made me feel full enough not to eat. And I was chewing a gum almost all the day through. When I started feeling really weak on day 2 I drank a glass of grape juice. Helped me a lot.
Though biggest help was the thought that I am doing it together with someone. I am not sure how did it end for Kat yet, while she hasn't blogged, since the second day, but I really hope that she could pull it through as well.
Basically that is all. I hope it helps at least a little bit.

Anyhow. Time for today's food list:
Breakfast (85 kcal): 100g of cottage cheese with 20g of natural yoghurt
Lunch (176 kcal): A medium apple, a bowl of cucumber and crab stick salad.
Dinner (64 kcal): 1 tbsp of honey
A total of 325 kcal. And that is all for today, since it is already 7:30 pm and I am trying not to have anything after 6pm.

I'll try to do some studying now. Really have to after all.
Keep thinking thin!


  1. you are way to good at this dieting thing! well done. you are awesome. im so glad.

  2. Well done for getting through the fast, I wish I had your self control
    Totally agree with you about the Harry Potter books, they are pure genius :) xx
    Stay strong xx

  3. i wish i had enough self control for time restrictions :( as soon as desert is mentioned, bang, i binge and then i end up hating myself for it.
    Sigh. Glad to see u r doing good! Hope u reach ur goals <3
    Stay strong.