Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Finally we have come to this.

I want to star by saying a big thank you to Elara, for mentioning "Tea House Camp" in her comment on my last post. You were right. I like them a lot. Sadly I managed to find only one song by them, but as much as I heard there is not very much from them altogether. Which is a pity.
I have loved Gothic music sice I was 12. And most of the scene here is revolving around kids of 15-18. I am more or less feeling just old; expected by the surrounding society to be moving on to general taste of pop-rock.

But on to the major point today.


1 picture (of yourself)

I am going to admit. THis is probably the point I still feel the most intimidated by. Since at this point, this blogger receives a face. And I am not just one of the random faceless people that you all meet on internet. That and by doing this I sort of publically admit that this is me. I am not sure how long this post is going to stay here. Mainly due to the privacy issues. Even though I believe that people I know probably don't frequent this blog. Anyhow.

The choice of a picture again is something that bothered me. And finally I chose to make a sequence of photos. Showing how dramatically I changed. The timing for the pictures are years 2000.06 (~58kg) - 2009.09 (~90kg) - 2010.06 (~82kg) - 2010.12 (~77kg) accordingly.

(image removed by yours truly due to privacy issues)

It has been some 7-8 years since I don't look like in that first picture. But I still don't recognize myslef in the mirror...


  1. You are a beautiful girl, we will get there and you will be like that first pic. You have natural beauty (yes, really)that will show even more soon! Sending you skinnies darling.

  2. You are so cute! And looking HOT in that last picture!


  3. If it makes you feel any better 1) adults mostly keep listening to what they did when they were young, out of preference and laziness 2) you're very pretty.

  4. You are adorable & you look super tall in the last pic!

    I know 100% what you mean about posting pictures/being afaid someone from your real life might find them but wanting to post them so readers know there is a face, a person behind the words. I post some peridoically then I freak out and take them down.

    ~ Harlow