Thursday, 17 February 2011

Still fasting

Haven't gone and eaten still and the second day is going well. Must admit that I do feel sort of hungry because there has been a lot of physical movement lately. But I am holding on. I have decided that I can do it, so I am sure that I can. Just have to really believe that and it will be ok. After all - three days is not such a long time.

Today was the last day of the Feldenkrais method seminar. Pitty. I really got used to going there every day. There was a lot of stuff to do and I didn't have to think about eating. Now I'll have to think something up to entertain myself enough and not eat just because I am bored or willing to avoid doing stuff that I have to do.

Thus for now I have been having just Diet Coke, tea and water today. Reluctantly thinking about the alcohol in the evening. Did some calculations and turns out that the calories for Long Island Ice tea was for a small serving. Since they serve it in large glasses that contain WAY more, I looked aroud the net for coctail calories. And guess what I found? Long Island Ice Tea can be up to 780 kcal depending on the preparation. So guess who is totally NOT having it? Rum with Diet Coke sounds as a way better option with 100 kcal for the same serving size. I just hope that they have diet coke. Otherwise I'll be somewhat annoyed.

As for exercises today so far:
30 minutes of dance aerobics
20 minutes of breathing exercises
some 2.5 hours of Feldenkrais method exercises
Around 30 minutes of academic singing
Almost 2 hours of walking
30 minutes of housework
Probably there will be more walking today and hopefully some dancing.
I just want to go and sleep. Omg, I am tired.

Continuing a good challenge:


7 Wants:
1) To graduate this university and enter the Music academy.
2) A couple of new piercings
3) A tattoo
4) My laptop to be faster
5) Money
6) A new iPod (or to get my old one in a good working order again)
7) I would want my cat to be more cuddly xD

Anyway - I am off to do some stuff. Have to study solfage before I leave.
Bye for now and have fun ;)


  1. A shot of vodka/Jack Daniels (25ml) is 52 calories, so with diet coke, it would be like 55. I think most places have diet coke, so don't worry. Otherwise have vodka and slimline tonic or vodka with lime and soda water. All should be well under 100 calories. Ask for lots of crushed ice instead of cubes if they have it, and drink slowly, from a tall glass. It will make your drink last longer. I love drinking, but hate the calories, it's a struggle.
    Stay strong.

  2. ew, stick with rum and coke for sure. I dont know about you, but I actually feel grossed out by the idea of drinking 700 cals. bleh. sending you skinnies darling, good luck!

  3. wow youre working out and fasting thats so amazing good for you stay strong!!!