Saturday, 19 February 2011

3 day fast - done :)


5 Foods (that I should just stay away from):

1) Ice Cream
2) Potato chips with sour cream dip
3) Sherbet
4) Chocolate
5) White bread

These are the top 5 that I have regularly binged on. Sometimes I think that these work as heroin for my taste buds. I just can't stop, when I begin.


Relatedly, my 3 day fast ended today at 3pm. It was a total succes and I am happy. Quite honestly, I felt that I could have prolonged it. I had enough energy to go and do things. But I decided not to push myself with that and just have something to eat.

So today food wise:
Lunch (331 kcal): 300g of cauliflower boiled and baked in 1 tbsp of olive oil, 2 tbsps of ketchup to give it a better taste and 30g of cheese.
Dinner (178 kcal): 2 peaces of sushi and 3 small oatmeal cookies, because I wanted to treat myself.

Grand total of 509 kcal today.

As for the exercises, I was feeling really lazy today. And seems that I have strained my calf muscles. Those are really sore. But anyway, I did:
1 hour of academic singing
30 minutes of dance aerobics
30 minutes of housework

Hopefully it is going to be the same weight tomorrow as today in the morning. Because today I weighted in at 75.1kg. Which is a blasting 1.4kg decrease in comparison to yesterday. I really want to start that countdown to my new piercings :D

By the way, just watched "Black Swan". It was pretty awesome. I liked it how they portraied the slipping into madness. That was fantastic to watch. And they all looked so pretty. Damn!

So I am somewhat tired. Time to go and have some well deserved rest.
Good night and keep thinking thin!


  1. wow 1.4kg! That is GREAT!
    I never buy white bread, I tend to binge on it too.

  2. I did the personality disorder test - only have >50% for obsessive and histrionic. embarrassed about the latter.

  3. Hello girls I have returned to blogger after trying to lose weight the healthy way and developing a better mental health I gave up I threw it all away to become "Delicate!!" Threw all my hard work away so I could eat from one extreme to another, to get to my goals quicker!! As many of us do we give up and think it will be easier and quicker to try a stupid diet which you only end up binging and back to square one!!

    I am ashamed of my choices and want to continue down my path of being healthy!! I can not believe I nearly threw it all away!! I have decided to give it my all 100% and nothing less!! I will reach my GOALS but in a HEALTHY way!!

    I too want to look great in a Bikini, in that Little Party Dress, in those CK Jeans but I want to ROCK them without feeling GUILTY, without LYING to all those around me and to not be KILLING MYSELF in the process!! I want to look HOT in ULTIMATE HEALTH and HAPPINESS, I want to have AWESOME SELF ESTEEM and I want to ROCK CONFIDENCE!! I want to earn the JOY of achieving HEALTH - HAPPINESS - SELF ESTEEM and CONFIDENCE the right way not the wrong way!! I want this more than anything in LIFE and I am going to get it !! It is now or never, there is no looking back!! Please support me and I will return the favor!! I choose to follow girls with distorted eating as I feel they understand what I am going through compared to "normal eating" girls they just think I am crazy!!

    I am putting this every where because I know I will influence at least one person out in this great big world to never give up and to keep trying!!

  4. Hello darling, congrats on the fast! I think I may fast on monday, in your next post can you share a couple pieces of advice? Like the thing that helped you get through, the soda, the thinspo? Sending you skinnies dear!

  5. good luck!
    chocolate is my weakness.
    it's the one thing i keep trying hard to keep out of the house, because it's so much easier to restrict when it's not around

  6. omg, i so wanna see that movie, but im not sixteen yet! so annoying. me nd my friend tried to sneak in to see it, but the guy didnt believe we were 16 nd we had to leave :( quite dissapointing.
    Anywho, well done with the fast! and dont worry, icecream and chocolate are personal favs of mine as well.

    When craving chocolate, like so bad that you just cant forget it, have a milo/hot chocolate! (so long as its with the low fat stuff). that way, u get the yummy taste with a hell of a lot less calories, plus it fills u up more and u cant really binge on it!

    Stay strong <3