Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I am doing it again

Overlooking my daily regime thing. Staying up so late that tomorrow I'll have a serious problem with waking up. Basically been watching "Addams Family" season 2 and knitting that scarf. Finally finished it though. I am sort of proud of myself. Now we arranged a nice beer drinking evening on Wednesday when I can get it to him.
By the way, the weather here is crazy! The internet termometer shows that it is -17 degrees Celsius. Though it will be more like -20 later on in the night. Last night the lowest temperature that was observed was -27.1 degrees. I don't even want to get out of the appartment, because it feels like I am freezing all the time.
So tired of winter already.

Today was the first day of my 30 day challenge. It was reasonably good until my dear parents practically pushed a chocolate cake in my hands. So that made me go way over the 1000 kcal max I had decided on.
I am trying to keep my food diary at, which is nice since it shows the calories for the food automatically.
So today I skipped breakfast since I woke up very late.
For lunch we had various sushi (354 kcal)
For dinner I had chicken fillet with cheese and cumin, and a glass of tomato juice (509 kcal)
And then came the cake, which I am estimating at 150 g (550 kcal) and three large strawberries (17 kcal)

Totalling up to 1430 kcal today. And it was such a nice number before the cake. But I am not letting this minor mishap discourage me. Just try being extra careful with calories tomorrow and it should be ok. I'll just try holding on to the 500 kcal limit.

And couldn't find it in me to do sports today. Mainly because I woke up so late. But tomorrow I am definitely doing exercises when I wake up and then at 10am I have to be at a master class for Feldenkrais Method, which is really good for musicians :) I am very hiped up about that.

Anyway. Not diet related, but I found one more challenge that I want to do:

So 10 secrets:
1)I used to say that I was a vegetarian even though I binge on meat often enough.
2)I don't feel much pity for people. I like watching sadistic movies and videos.
3)Me and my best friend used to try and summon Vampire spirits when we were younger.
4)I still wish I could become a Vampire.
5)My cat is named after a Vampire Adrian Tepes better known as Alucard.
6)I am hypersexual. Which is sort of an embarassing thing. I think about sex A LOT.
7)My first sex was a rape. This is probably the biggest secret of my life.
8)I like to make people believe in things that are not true. I lie a lot about all sorts of things. I am possibly a chronical liar.
9)A lot of people think that I study a lot even though I often enough don't even touch the books.
10)I probably would want to have children even though I believe I'd be a horrible, despotic parent.

Anyway. Good night for now :)


  1. The cake thing is just a bump in the road. There's always tomorrow! :)


  2. Hypersexual. I have to start using that. I've just been calling myself 'uber perv' or 'cronic perv' forever. In fact, more than a few of those bullet points sound familiar to me. Thank you for sharing yourself, sending you skinnies and stay strong lovely.