Tuesday, 15 February 2011

And it is time for...


9 Loves:
1) Music
2) Tea
3) Movies
4) My parents
5) He :3 *aww I am mushy today*
6) My cat and cats in general
7) Having my life under control
8) Tattoos and piercings
9) My computer xD

Now with that over and done with, time to inform about what I did today.
It has actually been quite fun. At first I couldn't wake up at 6 am *obviously*. But at 10 I went to the seminar and it was awesome. Feldenkrais method is based on movement coordination and feeling your skeleton move. It is a lot different then the usual focus on muscles and it feels awkward to think about how your bones move when you are doing things. Anyway, the teacher is super nice and fun to talk to, so I am excited to go tomorrow too.

Afterwards I had an hour and a half free, so I thought that I'll go and buy me a pair of jeans. That was a total downside for my day. I couldn't find a pair that would fit me and look good on me in the whole mall. I hate buying pants. Especially since I get so frustrated that usually I end up eating to forget everything. But not today though. I bought myself an apple to rid my thoughts of stuffing my face with everything in the world. So that was positive.

The university was totally boring. I wish I wouldn't have this damn lesson at all. I don't give a shit about history of near East studies. Why should I even care? Never have, most likely never will. Ok. That is totally unrelated again

The singing lesson was nice though I think I did decently well. Tomorrow I have solfege lesson so I'll try coming up with a way to stuff a singing lesson in as well. Especially since I still need to go to a pub in the evening.

Anyway. Exercise wise today I did:
1:30 of Feldenkrais exercises. Whicha are really small scale, so I don't think that there were many calories burned.
30 minutes of stretching exercies.
Around an hour of walking around and climbing stairs.
An hour of academic singing.
Probably will do some sit ups and squats a bit later. That should be adequate.

Food wise today I had:
Breakfast (161 kcal): Two hard boiled eggs, a medium sized carrot
Lunch (72 kcal): A large-ish apple
Dinner (230 kcal): Some 600 grams of melon.

So total for today is 463 kcal. Looking at the nutritional values, I think I am really missing proteins. Will work on that tomorrow. I went grosery shopping today and bought myself a lot of good healthy products. So I am satisfied and happy :)

Now I am just going to chew my chewing gum till I go to sleep. I'll try not staying up late today. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day after all.

Bye for now and I hope that all is well for you all!
By the way - 20 followers!! Oh my lord! Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading all on my senseless gibberish :D


  1. eggs are a great source of protein and omega 6
    well done on not eating the jean-memories away. I always stuff my face after an unsuccessful shopping venture.

  2. Absolutely no problem, I love reading you! Skinnies, skinnies to you!

  3. thats really good!
    from a new follower,

  4. My new favorite food, black beans, also have a lot of protein, and are pretty low cal. Sliced turkey or sliced whatever is also high protein/low carb/low fat and super easy, unless you're a vegetarian.