Friday, 18 February 2011

Finally Home

It is 1 am and I am finally home. My eyes are practically closing up on their own accord and I still need to take a shower and do the basic before sleep routine.

I want to start off with thanking you all for the great advises on low calorie drinks and the encouraging comments. I really appreciate it. Actually I settled for Captain Morgan Original with Diet coke. I am still shocked about the huge amount of calories in Long Island. I don't think that I'll be ever having that again. Thank god that they had the diet coke in the first place we went to. So we sat there and talked about all sorts of stuff.
One of the girls couldn't make it, because she obviously has managed to catch the flu. Well, it is the flu season, so no wonder. The other girl came with her Czech boyfriend. Obviously it was pretty awkward with the three of us. We talked latvian and he just had to sit around and drink, because he doesn't understand anything. But we played some billiard, which was nice. I actually was not as bad as I remembered myself xD

Anyway, after two of my drinks (together 125 kcal), we went to a club where I usually like to go dancing. But, of course, just my luck that today the DJ came later and so until then we had to hang around the bar. And I was feeling sort of weak, so I ordered some grape juice (97 kcal) to get some glucose in my system and after that some sparkling water with ice. And then we still managed to dance for some 30 minutes.

I just feel like I have drank way too much liquid at this point. I don't think that my stomack likes the onslaught of sparkling drinks. I'll see, if I'll have my Coke tomorrow. Maybe just water and tea.

The way home was long and annoying, because it is freezing outside. The temperature is stated as -16 Celsius, but feeling like -23. So my eyelashes were all frozen up from my breathing. The both of them went to McDonalds for late night snack. I just felt discusted by the idea. Despite the fact that I am really hungry. Anyway, she can afford eating there. She is totally skinny.
By the way, she hadn't seen me for a very long time and last time we met I was a fucking whale with 90 kg. So she went like "Whoa, you have slimmed down!" Which was awesome. More motivation to carry on :3

So I am totally worn out now.
Sending you all skinnies and good night!


  1. here it's been about 33 - 38 degrees Celsius for about a month, which I'm tired of, I just want a nice rainy day to cuddle up.
    I'm also not eating today, though it will be easier for me, since you've already done 2 days.

  2. It's always great when you see someone you haven't seen in forever and they notice weight loss!


  3. yay you! I love it when friends notice how i've lost. awesome. Sending you skinnies darling