Friday, 18 February 2011

For today


6 Places:

1) My home - I love being here. It is my sancturary where I can be 100% me.
2) My ex-working place - horror rock bar "Transilvania".
3) Our vacation house in the countryside. I could sit by the river for hours. And the night sky is gorgeous there.
4) London. It is one of the places that I loved so much. I felt somewhat at home.
5) Seaside. I love lazy days by the sea with a lot of swimming and practically no food, but apples.
6) Supermarkets and malls. I don't know why, but I like a mass of people around me.


I must admit. I am feeling god awful today. I am so tired that I have barely enough energy to walk up and down the stairs. And I had a couple of dizzyness moments in the morning when I stood up too quickly. The scale showed a small decrease today - 76.5 kg. But a decrease is always welcome, no matter how slight it is. I am staying positive and I am 100% sure that I can hold through the fast. I just need to wait until lunch tomorrow, which is going to be around 2pm. And since I am so tired I'll be getting to bed early enough today. Can't wait.
Skipped uni today. Because I am practically freezing every time I go out. I don't know why really, because I never had such an acute cold intolerance. Usually I am much better with cold then with heat, which makes me just really uncomfortable.

So for food today:
Nothing to report really xD Diet coke all through the day. And a chewing gum to get rid of the urge to munch. Was thinking about having Actimel (DanActive) type of probiotic drink. But now it seems that I won't be needing it after all. Glad about that.

And for the exercises:
Around 30 minutes of walking
1 hour of academic singing
30 minutes of jogging
20 minutes of breathing exercises
I am still planning to push myself some more and do my stretching, sit-ups and squats. Maybe pilates; don't know about that jet. Also still have around 30 minutes of housework planned - I want to clean the bathroom. I just want to have as many calories down as possible.

And I am most likely not going to go to the concert on Tuesday. Simple reason honestly - no money. And I don't want to beg my parents for it, so pride wins and I am not going. The money that I had been planning for the concert will go to cover the rent for band repetition room. Fuck that. The band is beginning to give me serious headache.

Ok. I am off to do stuff. Still want to watch a movie together with my mom. I just hope I don't fall asleep.
Bye and sending you all skinnies ;)


  1. Don't forget a ton of water! If you feel like you'll pass out, try heating up a bit of vegatable broth or chicken broth and sipping that. It feels a little like soup, so maybe it'll trick your body? Sending you skinnies darling, good luck!

  2. When you lose weight you lose the top layer underneath your skin first, which gives you the sensation of being cold, because that's what keeps you warm.

    Well, that's what my mom says and she's sciency.

  3. Thanks guys! Just did an hour of pilates. And I am having a load of liquids. I am still haveing enough fat reserves to keep me from passing out. Just really tired now.