Tuesday, 22 February 2011



2 Songs:

1) "Heaven Now" by London After Midnight
2) "Bela Lugosi is dead" by Bauhaus

Maybe I should explain a bit. This is probably one of the hardest choices. I love music and would die if I wouldn't hear all of those glorious songs. So why these? Easy. LAM is something that I consider my favorite band. And "Bela Lugosi is Dead" has laid a foundation to all of the music that I love. Plus it is an awesome song.


So... I was wondering, have any of you experienced a really controlled binge phase? Because I just had one. And I am feeling sort of confused, because I don't get anything like this ever.

I mean. I had breakfast and lunch and then I didn't feel it coming and there was the binge in all it's glory. I actually freaked out, before I started eating. So made myself the sandwiches and had some meat. Then sat down by the PC and entered everything in my fatsecret diary. Looked at the calories and had a chocolate bar. Then did some calculating and said "Fuck you. That is enough." And I didn't have anything else.

This is not what normally happens. Normally I would finish all that, eat some more until the point where I just don't have anything and would dart off to a shop to get me something more. But I am not sure what was different today.

Total daily calories: 1743 kcal. From which 93 kcal are from breakfast and 197 from lunch.

Anyway. I am having that planned three day fast beginning tomorrow. So I am assuming that this day shouldn't have done much damage. It feels awkward to have control over binging >____> Not bad, just awkward.

On the other side I still did a lot of exercises today, so yeah. I am feeling too confused at the point to be upset.

Stay stong everuone!


  1. I wouldn't have expected you to know either being so young, though I was in the same position in junior high. You just became 10x cooler. If you can find them, you might also like Tea House Camp.