Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sore muscles :3

I think that I love sore muscles. I love that feeeling when I sense how they move under my skin.

I am tired out today, but I am not going to get to sleep for several hours more :/ Have to go meet my Ex-fuck buddy, give him the scarf I finished on Monday and have a beer. Honesly, I don't feel like I even want to, but I promised. Even more so, I don't really think that I want to have a beer. I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow, so I would much rather just hit the sack early.

Anyway, less whining and more writing :3

Today was good again. The seminar continues to be lovely. I thnk I have mild crush on the professor though. He is so much older then me, but there is something sexy about him. Just saying. That makes the lessons even more fun :D

Exercise wise I have done:

Some 2.5 hours of Feldenkrais method.
30 minutes of Dance aerobics
20 minutes of breathing exercises
1 hour of academic singing
Around 1.5 hours of walking
Around an hour of housework
30 minutes of stretching

So that has been very good.

Food wise I had:
Breakfast (213 kcal): 1 boiled egg, 100g of cottage cheese, 20g of natural yoghurt, 3 prunes
Lunch: 2 glasses of Diet Coke
Dinner: 2 glasses of Diet Coke
And I am going to have beer. Probably 2 glasses. Not sure jet.
Total with the beer (2 glasses) - 497 kcal.

Anyhow. I am joining Kat in her 3 day fast. So there will be a lot of Diet Coke until Saturday lunch. I am just worried about tomorrow a bit, since I'll be with my mom from some 11-17, so I'll have to figure out some reason why I am not eating. Probably the good old, I am not hungry, I overate at breakfast. Thank god, that she agrees that I need to contol my weight. Anyhow.

Tomorrow I am meeting my two ex-colleagues from the cruise ship. I loved our time there. I would probably be still on the ship, unless I wouldn't have started singing. I loved it there. At least I know that I will have a job, if my opera singer plans fail big time.

I am actually feeling really good. Just really lazy :D I don't want to go to that bar. It is fucking cold outside!

Anyway. Time to get dressed.
Stay strong and I am sending my best wishes to you all.

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