Wednesday, 30 March 2011


So I forgot to update yesterday. I wasn't busy, wasn't too tired, just... forgot.

Anyhow. Let's start with the fact that it was super fun to ride again. I hadn't been on a horse for I don't even remember how many years :D Definitely want to do that again sometime.

But on the negative side, yesterday was fucking cold! The wind was blowing so hard and it was even snowing periodically. And there we were on the horses for an hour in this shit weather. Also were outside for an hour before that and two hours after that, because obviously, the fucking bus comes once every two hours there and we missed one. As a result, I still feel a bit shaky inside. Yesterday after returning home say under a blanket with hot tea all evening and shivered.

And this leads to the fact that I sort of binged yesterday. Still had less then 1000, but it was suposed to be 300kcal day :/ At first had my peace of chicken and the bullion to keep me warm, but then started feeling my throat go numb and freaked out that I can fall ill. Hence ate honey and a couple of apricots. Should have stoped there, but then I don't even know why, ate three slices of smoked ham. Because it smelled so good, that I couldn't resist.
And felt like shit all the time.

Today woke up with a sore throat and full nose. So the honey didn't change anything. Shit :/
But went to the gym and ran till I saw that I have burned 1000kcal. At least that should undo the damage. But again the downside - I tripped over my own feet and I seem to have sprained my hip joint. So probably won't go to gym tomorrow. And my stomack is sort of upset that I ate that much yesterday.
Today is 400kcal day in ABC, but I am planning to have only slightly over 200. Serves me right for yesterday.

Anyhow. Off to do some cleaning. Burn some more of those calories.
See you later :)

Andy made me smile like an idiot with a single message. I can't be more happy <3


  1. For a binge you were very well restricted... my binges are usually triple that... toast...

  2. We all binge and slip up and have bad days. I am sorry to hear about the sprained hip!! No fun!!! The horses seem amazing. I wish that I had the chance to ride again after we got rid of our horses. It was better for them because we mainly leased them anyways and they had become attached to those people and we didnt get over to the stables much... maybe only 2x a week due to distance and horses need more than that, which is why we leased them. My family then just sold them to those people for a lower price because we wanted them to have a happier life. I love horses and want to have more someday when I live closer to stables and have enough time to keep them happy. *sigh* I am glad you got to ride again. Stay strong today!! Think thin thoughts!!!

  3. okay-is that why my back always hurts? Is it the lack of food? Anyway, I'm sorry about your binge darling. Today is another day. Be safe and warm and loves your way.

  4. goodluck with burning your calories. I'm so lazy to gym :/

  5. Well as far as binges go it could have been WAY worse! Don't beat your self up too much over it, as long as binging isn't regular It will be perfectly fine. Good job at the gym today! Sorry that you may not make it tomarrow, but it is more important that you don't seriously injure your self so I think your making a smart decision. Glad things are happy with that Andy :)

  6. Ah - you always post awesome music on here!! =D

    and, that binge could have been worse. -hugs- and it was all healthy foods that you consumed! and maybe if you hadn't had eaten all of those foods - you may have been more sick than just having a stuffy nose... so no sweats, hon - be proud! and I've never have been on a horse! lucky! =] snowing here too >.<