Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Beast Must Die

Yes, the name of the post is absolutely unrelated. But the song rocks, so that's why I am using it anyway ;)

Today was the second day of ABC so it was a 500kcal day the same as yesterday. However, I didn't feel like eating all day. For lunch had a boiled broccoli and for dinner one orange. Didn't even feel like eating that orange, but thought that it will be better to stay on the safe side and have it anyway.

Last night was quite fun. Not awesome, just average. Nothing really interesting, so I am just happy that I burned some calories on that dance floor. I really felt like I wanted to get drunk again, but having no money prevented that. It has been a while since I was drunk and I am missing it a bit. What can I say, I like my alcohol.
But at least I was good. I have always been picking up guys at parties, because I like sex a lot. But I didn't this time. And I must say that it felt wrong to even consider that. I have never previously felt wrong about it, so that was new. I guess Andy has an impact on me in this area as well. Will have to take some time adjusting to that, but it was not a bad feeling. When I came home at 6am all I wanted to do was skype him and tell that I am home. Though I miss him really bad despite the fact that we are on skype practically 24/7 :) But it is less then 2 weeks left till he comes so I am fine with that.

Tomorrow morning will go to gym. I don't care how, but I have to persuade myself to do that. I actually feel bad about not going there.
And next week me and my cousin are going horseback riding. We got an hour long ride as a present from my parents. I am super excited. Can't wait.

And by the way, I forget to mention all the time, I am taking part in a lose weight for charity project here in Latvia. The amount of weight we lose till the end of April is going to be donated to help three really sick kids. Gnerally I just want to lose as much weight as possible. And if I can go well into 60s by then I'll be super glad. And I know that I can pull it off. It shouldn't be so difficult, because I know myself. I just need to avoid binges. And since I am on ABC it should be all good.

Anyway. It is late and I am really tired. Off to sleep with me :)
Good night, my lovelies!


  1. Loosing weight for charity, what a great way to get motivated. Don't u wish you weren't hungry all the time. Damn nice if we all did. Would make things easier for me for sure. Good job on today's ABC accomplishment dear.
    Stay strong!

  2. I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!!! I am glad that last night was fun! I love my liquor too. ;) I am sorry that you didnt get to have any! But hey, less calories to take in!! I am on a fast today, but i am not really wanting food anyway. I am living off coca cola zero and coffee and sugarfree gum though... so I dont know. :/ At least i am being successful! Good job today!! Sending you love and keep thinking thin!