Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Curse of Millhaven


Glitch and Moonlight Mistress! I am so honored that you thought me valuable of the award especially considering all of the failures that I go through. Really thank you, girls!

So then here I go with the 7 facts:

1) I used to draw all the time. All of my notebooks were covered with doodles and I carried around a whole map of drawings around. However, for the last two years I can barely ever get any inspiration to pick up a pencil.
2) I honestly think that the amount of negative thinking about Japan and how much I don't want to have anything to do with it lately, has had some impact on the fact that the whole country is getting eliminated now. The bad part is, that I can't force myself to feel guilty. Which makes me a bad person obviously.
3) I think a lot of twisted things. Gore flicks and horror movies make me squeak with glee.
4) Sometimes I think that I will end up in prison eventually.
5) Music is my air. If there would be no music, I would off myself for sure. Actually it has kept me from killing myself so many times in the past.
6) I have considered hitman and stripper as legit carrier opportunities for me.
7) I want to know everything in the world. That is why I read all sorts of unrelated books.

As for the 10 bloggers that I would want to bestow this upon:
1) Toni
2) Kat
3) MadelinaCooke
4) Olivia Lee
5) Journey back to SKINNY ME!
6) WhiteSkinnyAngel
7) matrunner
8) Charl.
9) Thin_Envy
10) billiejean_1

I love reading your blogs, girls. And I am really sorry that I don't comment all that much. The stuff is going really hectic here and it is hard to wrap my head around everything.

On the other hand, I had a feeling that I really want to draw today. so this is what came out of the silly sketching session:


Nothing really fancy or anything, but just something. That is how I see my cigarette smoke. I have been smoking a lot lately. Which is probably not good, but whatever.

Oh and this song is going to make me smile a lot from now on. Andy sid that it has always reminded him of me. Which is sweet. And I love that song.

Anyway. Have a nice day everybody :3

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  1. nice drawing! i used to draw a lot to, but like you, i don't really anymore. And stripper is totally what i would do if i was hot, i even looked up the stripper club of my city to see if it was good lol i will buy a pole if i find a job this summer.
    and thanks for the award!