Monday, 28 March 2011


I really should be writing my essay not blogging but this is probably the last thing that I can figure out to procrastinate. I have done everything else already xD Even watered flowers all over my apartment, did some knitting while watching Simpsons, ate my cauliflower, thought about eating everything that my gran made today, which frustrates me. Actually still thinking, but I don't really want to, which is crazy.

But the day has not been bad.

The Day 6 (200kcal) of ABC is almost done. I am hoping to go to bed in 2 hours and hence avoid food by all costs. I hate it when gran is here. She cooks absolutely obsessively. I came upstairs at 12pm and she already had cooked a whole bunch of stuff. Then she proceeded to making salads, and meat, and potatos, and baked mushrooms, and etc, etc, etc. I think she is crazy! I have begged her so many times not to do it. But she does it never the less. I have cried, tried reasoning, shouted, threatened and cursed. Nothing works. And it is so difficult to sit here when the whole apartment smells of food 24/7. It is like a temptation galore every day. But I am fighting. I don't want to give up again. There I go again. Talking about food all the damn time. I am just so angry at the moment that I don't even want to see her :/

But I went to the gym in the morning. Spent almost 1.5 hours on the treadmill. Ran 10km and burned 750kcal. That was nice. I am still feeling a bit tired. But not all that tired, so I think I will be a-ok tomorrow to go again.

Ah. I wanted to comment on the song for today :D It is a Latvian folk metal band and they are ones of my favorites alltogether, so yeah. I am a bit of a nationalist. Have to admit that. And I am proud of my roots. I just wish that the government weren't such cunts. Anyway. If you like this one, you might like also other songs from them. Look around for Skyforger on youtube and such ;)

All right. I have run out of things to say xD No reason at all to put off writing anymore. So will make some tea and get to it.

I hope that this day was nice for you all too :)
Stay lovely <3


  1. you made me hungry, happy? ;b
    I get mad when my flatmate cooks and it smells good, but she only cooks once a day, I would go completly crazy with someone cooking all the time, and cooking for me (V. only cooks for herself)

    good night!

  2. It's just worse when ur working hard not to eat. I'm the usual cook and baker for the house and when I bake for the lil ones I get irritated with myself. Such a disaster: me and food! Ugh!
    So no more procrastinating. lol. Get to ur writing. I'm sure, with the way u write in ur blog, u should have no problem with ur essay hun.
    Another good ABC day. Congrats!

  3. That would have driven me to absolute insanity!! I am vegan so much of it doesnt appeal to me but some of it makes my mouth water just reading about it!!


    But i am procrastinating too.

  4. I loved the song - It's so different. :) I really liked the beginning! <3

    I'm glad you're doing good with food - keep strong girly!!