Friday, 1 April 2011


Glitch - I am happy that you like the music. After all, I want everyone to get to know what I like and it is nice that someone else finds the same things good.
Today another band from Latvia - Dzelzs Vilks (Iron Wolf) :3 This is one of their songs that makes me want to go and dance around. And they play wicked concerts :D And their Base is hot. Or maybe his hair is hot. I have a huge thing for long haired guys, which would be so tatally obvious if you'd just take a look at my ex's xD But there is something about the long hair that makes me want to go and tangle my fingers in it. I just love it. A fetish? Maybe... probably... oh who am I kidding! Most definitely xD
Eh. Now I want Andy (and his semi-longish hair) to arrive sooner xD

And I want to take another of those things about yourself challenges. I find them absolutely fun to do and I am narcissistic, so bare with me. This one is for 15 days:

15 basic facts about yourself.
14 not so simple facts about yourself.
13 ways you break the ice.
12 signs you're into someone.
11 signs you're not into someone.
10 things you do when you're bored.
9 things that make you happy.
8 things you're known for.
7 things you want to do.
6 things you'll never do.
5 good things about you.
4 bad things about you.
3 ways to make me cry.
2 ways to win my heart.
1 thing you need to say.

So let's start:
1) I am from Latvia - Eastern Europe, Post-Soviet, middle one of the Baltic States by the Baltic Sea :D
2) I am a bisexual woman
3) I am born on 4th of July. My American uncle used to call me his independence girl :3
4) I am bi-lingual. Got a native speaker level in English when I was in school. My mother toungue is Latvian (which is absolutely not similar to Russian)
5) I study Japanese in Uni, but I hate it :/ Just want to graduate and forget about it.
6) I Love Cats. More like ADORE Cats.
7) I procrastinate a lot.
8) Lazy beyond words :D
9) I am obsessed with Vampires.
10) I have been into Goth thing since very early teens. So more then 10 years now.
11) I am anti-social. And have a whole bunch of other personality disorders.
12) I can't live without music.
13) I love Opera.
14) My favorite color is Black. I would gladly have almost everything in Black :D
15) I live in the basement apartment. Which belongs to my parents. I am your typical child who never moves out and never gets on their own two feet. At least up till now xD

As for food, I have not been doing good with food these couple of days. I think I lost the ABC midset somewhere and kept on sinning with food. Probably because I am cranky about being sick :/ But I am thinking about fasting all through the weekend, starting Friday morning till Monday morning. Of course, given that I can get out of eating together with my prentals. hopefully they will just leave for the country house and I can stay here with the excuse that I need my fast internet to write my essay. Studies is generally a valid reason for things when I am speaking with them, so should be ok. At least I hope. Otherwise I am not so sure how to avoid food.

Otherwise things are going ok-ish. Skyping with Andy a lot and anticipating Wednesday :D I still have to do a lot of essay writing till then, so that I actually can chill while he'll be here. Not sit around and write :/ That totally doesn't fit in my plans.
Oh and I am watching movies non-stop as the background for my writing. And I came to the conclusion that "Kill Bill" and "Natural Born Killers" are something like my ultimate romance movies. As I said to Andy today, what is better to inspre myself to write about romantic stuff then people killing people, with romance! It is just how I tick. And I approve of Mickey And Mallory's relationship and ideas in "Natural Born Killers". The same way as I approve of Bonnie and Clyde. If that makes me wrong, I don't care about being right :D

Anyhow. I have a lesson in uni in... umm... 8 hours. Need to go and crash for some 6 xD I know that I won't have to do anything there anyway. Just sit by myself and write my essay. But still. I have to be there, because I have been lazy and have been to that damn lesson only twice this semester up till now. The best thing is - no one really cares anyway. I just feel a bit bad about not going myself xD

So good night/morning/afternoon/evening, depending on where you are ;D I am off.


  1. I am doing the 15 day thingy too! Yayy!

  2. We seem to have a lot in common.