Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Animal I have Become


Feeling pretty damn bad. Maybe I overworked my body or something, but at the point it feels like waves of nausea are coming and going. I just hope I don't get a really huge wave. Even though I don't think that I got anything to throw up. Just water. My last meal was almost 20 hours ago and consisted of half a cup of corn. No way there is anything left. And I am feeling hungry. Like really hungry. I-could-eat-EVERYTHING hungry. But that is ok. I knew that it will be like that. It isn't a surprise, which is probably why I am able to hold through it.

I'll try taking it easy for the rest of the day. I know that I'll still have an hour long walk in the evening, but I suppose that I'll be better till then.

Oh my lord I am tired. I would much rather just sleep the day away, but I still got my music lesson and solfege, and a lot of work on my bachelors. Why do I have to feel like crap when I got so much to do? D:< Fuuuck.

Only that song is still pushing me through. Actually it is pretty much how I am feeling. So it is probably going to sit on repeat all day xD

Oh yes, and I wish that Andy was here. I am missing him so badly now. Though if he were here, I'd probably get no work done what so ever. Cuddle up to him, joke around, watch some movies and fall asleep. Honestly, that is all that I want to do xD Well, sucks for me. Work now, play later.

Stay strong, girls. We all need that ;)

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