Wednesday, 23 March 2011


So I decided to start ABC diet. I think that it might be my last opportunity to drastically drop weight till Andy returns. Especially because I have been horrible in the last week or so, because I fell into some sort of emotional slump again.

I think that the last year of the uni is having its toll. I know I have to do so much, but I don't want to, so it is pressing on me with a weight of thousand suns. I need to write my bachelor's essay. And I know that I should be half done with it already, but my procrastination has lead to the fact that I have just some fifth done. And I get so stressed out about it that I am in a horrible mood and with no energy and I want to crawl away from people and barricade myself in my apartment with movies and comfort food. Which will just corrupt my situation even more in the long run.

Fuck... I wish I could just magically travel in time to end of June, when I will be over and done with that shit. eh... I am allowed to dream.

Anyway. It is time for me to get back to work and stop whining about things.
Sending you all skinnies.


  1. I find that I have more energy after I eat. I know I know, but that's just how bodies are supposed to work. Maybe spend 10mins brainstorming after you eat everyday? Sending you skinnies darling

  2. I wish you luck! I am on only my first year of uni so I am just getting a taste of that stress! Ugh!! And I am in PDK so i have to keep up above a 3.5 gpa. When I get stressed I eat less which I guess is good, but I lose weight slower because of the stress hormones. My advice is exercise. It helps me stay less stressed. Also a massage?? I cant afford it personally, but hey, do something to pamper yourself. Keeping the stress levels down will help you lose weight faster (usually) and it keeps your head clearer for study. Also, take time every day to write and revise a little of the essay along with other homework. I know you probably know all of this but, hey, friendly reminders are useful! Keep up the hard work lovely!

  3. Keep ur chin up. It's hard but the emotional cycle is always gonna get you down. Just remember we are all here going through it with you.
    Stay strong Hun!