Sunday, 20 March 2011

Binge and whatnot

I want to start with a huge thank you for the support on the previous post. Girls, you are awesome! Though that makes me feel really shit that I couldn't go at the diet for all weak.

The day after the fast I felt so sick after the gym that decidet to have some food, but of course being that horrible person I am, I ate so much. Obviously those three days of diet did absolutely nothing in the long run. I am feeling huge and lethargic, like all I want to do is sleep till I wold feel empty again. Hate this stuffed feeling. Even bought natural laxies - sennae pills. But of course, since they are natural and stuff, the effect is so mild, that it is practically non-existant. So absolutely no use just a waste of money.

Tony, you asked about fasting with diet coke on my last post. I do believe that it is not a healthy thing to do quite honestly. Considering the fact that Coke can help you get rust off from metal and stuff. But I have never been big on health, so I tend to overlook that. It is more like that feeling - it is sweet and tasty and I can still have it. It helps me fight my cravings for certain time. I hope that I could explain xD

I keep staying up really late. Which is Andy's fault. We are both horrible procrastinators and keep putting off our study/job things. And to do that we skype a lot. And look on internet for all sorts of fun things and share them... And it becomes like a neverending circle of doing nothing productive. I mean tonight 3am I was still not sleeping and browsing 4chan for lack of better things to do even though I had decided be a good girl and work on my bachelor's essay. And to top it off I was snacking on crisps. Now it is 9:30am I woke up just now and I am feeling sleep deprived and my stomack hurts from eating too much and too late.

On a more positive note, we are learning a lot about each other and just how corripted we both actually are. I don't believe that there is even the slightest chance for heaven after I die. And the thing is, I'm totally ok with that.

Relatedly, have some Jim Jefferies speaking on religion and pandas to improve your mood ;D I am warning you, if you are really religios, you are going to get insulted, don't watch. But he actually nails my oppinion really well xD

Anyway. Have a great day, lovelies. I'll try not to procrastinate and talk myself out of dong nothing all day again.
Have fun :)

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