Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Love you to Death...


To begin with, Glitch, the specifics of the rainbow diet are some posts ago in my blog :) It is basically eating certain amounts of specific color food each day. It is really restrictive, but that is what I like about it :D

So today is my fasting day. And my muscles are really sore. Like my feet are killing me. But I am off to gym in a couple of minutes.
Yesterday was going really well in every way. Intake and exercise and I was doing physical things like crazy. Oh and had a 15 minute sauna session in the gym, which was nice for my sore body. Though today I am feeling like not doing anything at all, which is bad. Bad girl, bad. A lot of things to do!

Anyway. have to stick to my schedule, so I am gone like five minutes ago xD
Stay lovely, girls!

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