Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Yes, yes. I know that I have been spamming lately. But I feel like writing all the time. Probably could sit and write all day and then post some huge thing which would take forever to read :D

Feeling way better then after the gym. Actually the woozyness passed not such a long time after I posted. Some three hours maybe.

I went out in the evening. Bought myself a ticket for an opera translation. I'm excited to see it. It is "Anne Boleyn" with Anna Netrebko and Elina Garanca (who is a Latvian. I am so proud of her). Can't wait.
Also ought myself a pair of jeans, because my old ones are so worn out that there is a hole on the thigh. I'll probably make shorts out of them. But the new ones are nice. I still need to work on my weight so they fit better. I hate always having to look for the big sizes. It is fucking annoying. I need my ass to decrease.

But at least the fast went ok. I haven't eaten anything. Just drinking my diet coke, which has decreased my apetite. Thank god for that. Otherwise I tought that I won't be able to hold through. Even took a chocolate candy and chewed it. Then spit it out before I managed to swallow any of it. No way I am going to succumb to the temptation this time.

Oh and Andy let me know that he is coming again in April. I seriously need to work on my bachelor's till then. I want to have as much free time as possible when he is here. And I want to rid myself of uni related things. They are bothering me too much.

I am almost ready to drop dead and sleep till the morning. So tired today. i hope to get some energy in the morning.

Good night and stay lovely :)


  1. Spam all you want, I love your posts
    I want your control! I can never do the "chew and spit" thing. Stay strong and keep posting xxx

  2. I love reading your posts :) So posts away!!

    ah I am jealous!!! You have to tell me how it is. :)

    I am a big.. chew and spitter - it keeps me sane, especially with chocolate.. noms...

    =3 Glad the fast is doing so awesome :D You go girl!!!

    - G to the litch.

  3. i so kno wat u mean :( i went shopping today and bought new jeans as well, but i almost had to go without, they were out of my size! there was every size beneath, but none above and i was panicking and felt so fukin huge. Lucky for me, as a last desperate attempt i tried on one size 10 (im size 12), and they are really tight, but i bought them anyway! oh, wat an incentive!
    btw, i keep reading about ppl fasting with diet coke. I kno its diet, but its still real bad isnt it? i wulda thought it wuld be bad, but.... culd u tell me y every one uses it?
    ps, maybe u should set a goal weight for by the time andy comes. look good for him(?) or something? I dont actually read blogs very often, so idk who he is, but it doesn't matter.
    All that matters is that one sentence...
    "you look great"