Saturday, 26 March 2011

Bad List

I think my cat hates me today. I am staying alone at home, since the rest of my family left for the country house. I am so happy, like you couldn't believe it. But anyway, I decided to try bringing my cat downstairs to my basement, but he obviously hates the place or something. It has been 5 hours since I brought him here, and he stopped crying by the door just after two hours and for the last three hours has been sitting under the table and not coming out. I don't even know why. It is so frustrating, because he is supposed to be MY cat, but I see him the least. Which sucks. Will have to bring him back upstairs, because I think that he will have a heart attack, if I leave him alone when I go to the party.

And WhiteSkinnyAngel, your comment made me laugh so hard :D I have very liberal attitude towards sex, yes. And being nimphomaniac doesn't exactly help it. So I have lost my count quite a long time ago. Those guys were my ex-friends-with-benefits so to say.
However, now that I am together with Andy, it just feels really wrong to even think about others in a more intimate way. And he knows this about me and hasn't judged me for that. I can't ask for more ;)

Oh yes, Day 4 of ABC (400 kcal) - finitto :) Had my boiled fish with avocado and lemon two hours ago. It is 8pm and I am getting ready to go out. No more food for me. Also planned out my diet till the end of March. Now I just have to stick to it and it will be awesome. Also bought the foods that I will be needing for the next three days. That is - almost all. Will have to go and get my cottage cheese tomorrow around dinner time. Forgot to get it today :D Actually, it feels really strange to plan out the meals so much in detail. Really unusual and will take some time to get used to. But I keep telling myself it is worth everything.

So anyhow. I am going to get my hair and make-up done now. High time to do that, since I am going out in less then 2 hours or so :D

Stay strong and keep rocking!


  1. Have a ton of fun!!!! I have a boy who doesnt judge either. It is so nice. The annoying thing that he does is worry about my eating habits, but whatever. He says he is going to stick it out with me for better or worse lol. I am glad that you have a guy you are also happy with!

    My dog gets SO mad at me whenever I leave ANYWHERE!!! She loves to come everywhere with me and usually she does because people love her, but when I have to leave her behind she sulks a lot.

    Think thin thoughts and be fabulous!

  2. you're welcome for the laugh! I got issues with sex, and men, but I don't judge girls who have sex just for fun. If I wasn't so freaked out by intimate physical contacts, that's what I would do too. Because I'm even more freaked out by serious relationships!

    my cat is the exact opposite of yours. He spends his time sleeping on my bed, or literaly on my face. He needs his daily hug, or he cries for hours, very loudly. so I take him in my arms, but he always ends up curled around my neck, so I keep it there while I do other things, like cooking, cleaning, or peeing ^^
    he's a piece of work( and worse than a kid), but he's awesome, and it would be even better if i wasn't slightly allergic to cats :/
    and he's jealous of my rats, and of every guys that he meets

  3. I'm awful about having sex for fun...
    I frequently sleep wiht my ex, who i lived with for six months and we only broke up about five months ago, and I still would of rather we were together, but I'm not going to push the fact, cause then we might stop having sex....
    such a slag! but happy about it!