Friday, 25 January 2013


I love Fridays. Not with the passion that I feel for Saturdays, but that probably is the second best day of the week. I love knowing that soon I will be done with the work week and I will be able to go back home and have a chilled out weekend.

Furthermore, I have plans for tonight. We are going out with Andy and his work mates. One of the guys is leaving to work in a different company. He is a cool guy. I do hope that beer evenings will not be lost.

But yeah. We are going out and I will have some beer and all will be awesome. I am a bit worried though that I will probably get quite slammed really fast. Because I have not been eating as much as I used to some time ago, alcohol has become so much more potent. I had a beer recently and felt a bit tipsy from just one pint. That has never happened before. Also, I hope that I will not do something stupid food wise when going home. Because I have a nasty habit of having really bad alcohol munchies. I think that I might need to take an apple or something like that for when I am coming home just so that I don't go and blow everything on a burger or something along the lines.

I'll just have to trust myself there.

My weight has fluctuated slightly. 100 g up, but that is ok. Actually I am really surprised. I thought that it will be way more. I made amazing rice noodle and peanut butter dish in the evening and Andy and I had enough for me to just nap on the couch afterward and huff about having more than I actually needed. But it was so worth it. I actually was thinking that probably it will not taste all that good. Somehow the combination of noodles, peanut butter and paprika didn't make me go all 'YUM! That should be amazing', but I am so glad that I did risk it. Definitely will be making this one again some time soon. Andy liked it too, so that is good.

I am really surprised that Andy has so far liked all of the vegan food. He generally is a meat person. But he even enjoyed the cauliflower dish that I made last weekend and he normally hates cauliflower. I am so happy that I can make these things and make them delicious enough that I don't just lust for meat all day long. That is good.

Also I understood that it is a pain in the ass to go out to a restaurant. Since we are going out today, I was sitting there last night and studying the menu of the place. There are not really many opportunities that I would be able to get. Possibly am going to get some fries and the green salad. Again depending on what kind of oil do they use and other annoying things. I am so frustrated that there are no vegan or vegetarian restaurants in Reading. Well, we could probably go to London some weekend and go to a vegan place. I have been browsing a great deal on the and even managed to find a vegan Japanese restaurant. That would be cool :3

Also I am leaving work early and not taking my lunch. So I get an extra hour at home to get ready to go out. Which is cool. I like being home early. Also am really hoping that the score for Patience will be there already. Or at least tomorrow morning. I really need it. Actually the person from the opera group called in yesterday and said that I might get a small role in the production. That would be so amazing that I can't even believe it. I have to wait for Monday to get to know that. Fingers really crossed :3

I think that this is all for today and most likely I will see you again on Monday.

Stay lovely!

Annamaria: I am definitely going to reward myself with shopping spree. That is planned for the next weekend, when I will actually have some money to spend. Planning to go to a sports shop and buy myself all new sports gear :3

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