Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Kind of hungry

I am guessing that is the easiest way how to describe myself at the moment. I am kind of hungry and want to go home. Which I will be able to do any moment now. Also I am a bit sleepy, so I would glad to have a good night's sleep. And I am quite sure that I will get it tonight, so yay!

The opera yesterday was lovely. I was really upset at the beginning that the main tenor Villaizon had fallen ill unfortunately and couldn't perform. But the young Dimitry Popov was lovely. He really fit his role well and I was enchanted. he has a lovely voice too, so in the end I was not disappointed at all. Maija was gorgeous. She has really created a beautiful career and I am most happy for her. I am always glad that Latvian singers get to sing in these huge opera houses.
I cried in the end, of course. Something about Puccini's music always pulls at my emotional stings. I know the operas by heart, but I cry almost every time.
Andy also loved the performance. I am really glad that I can share this all with him :3

More good news weight wise. I was 72.9 kg this morning. That is just amazing. I do know that it will fluctuate soon, but I am really happy to see the low numbers still. It just makes me realize that I can do this and that I will most likely reach my goal weight this year. I am so happy about that.
Andy is also steadily progressing, which is making him happy and contented. I am very happy for him.

This probably will be a rather short entry though as I am really keen to head on home and I don't really have that much to tell.

So I guess that this is it for today.

Stay lovely!

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