Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Mid week ponderings

My legs and ass hurt so much from cycling yesterday. It was a rather pathetic display last night how I was trying to climb down the stairs in my high heals. Took me a long time and was anything but graceful. Made Andy laugh. At least something good came from it.

Didn't cycle today. Because lazy and pathetic.

However, scale showed another small decrease. 75.4 this morning. Doing the weight loss in a healthy (sort of) way is a pain. It comes down so slowly. However, I do hope that it will at least decide to stay down.

I haven't been doing much yesterday or today. Have been reading because I am still not really clear on what exactly will I be doing. Sort of clearer, but not really. At least at the moment I don't really have specific things to do. I guess that is a good and a bad thing at the same time. I feel good about not having stuff to do, however, I feel really guilty about it. Honestly, I don't think that they need me much if I just sit around and read books. Also, I would prefer doing that from home.

On a good note, got an invite to attend a repetition of opera group in Windsor. It is not exactly the best location, but closer than anything that I have found so far. So I have to go there next Monday at 8pm, which is pretty awesome. After all, it is really hard to find something that is available in the evening. They are doing the Gilbert and Sullivan opera Patience at the moment. I would be ecstatic if I could join.

So I got a peace from the opera and I will try learning it till Monday :3

On a different note, I am feeling kind of strange. A bit nauseous, even though I don't think that there is much that I would be able to throw up.

Maybe the beer that I had in the evening was not called for and this is how my body tells me. Don't know. Hopefully it will subside and I will be able to stop worrying about it. I'll have some more water and hopefully that will calm my stomach.

I guess I will make the mushroom risotto again in the evening. It really is good and I liked it a great deal. I feel like having some rice and mushrooms. I actually really crave mushrooms.

Also and observation - I have been cooking way more ever since we started the vegan diet. I guess that is natural as we can't fall back on the safety of ready made stuff, take out or sandwiches. That is probably a good thing.

That would be all for today.

Stay lovely.

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