Friday, 4 January 2013


It is just a three day week but I am absolutely exhausted. Haven't even done much lately. Just random things. But I just really want to have the weekend. I dread to think what the next week is going to be like as it is going to be a full working week of five days.

Also I feel awkward having to talk to people again. I had gotten so brilliantly used to crawling off in my little cave and having a good alone time. I don't particularly like having to be around people and socializing. I find it frustrating and tiresome. As IT Crowd stated it "People... What a bunch of Bastards!"

As for the weight I am 76.3kg today. Meaning that it is a 0.4kg drop from yesterday. I like that. But I am also aware that it is the Christmas weight coming off. I will probably again get stuck around 75 and stay there for a long time. That is my current comfortable weight. Really need to break it. Would want to get the comfort zone down to at least 72.5. That would be such a great thing. After all I fluctuate in the 2.5 kg area around my comfort weight. That would mean that I would finally be able to periodically hit my short term goal of 70 kg. Even that would be great. And then I would be able to look into moving the comfort zone down again.

Anyhow. I made a really nice mushroom risotto yesterday. I never really considered that there are many foods that I would be able to eat and recipes to adjust to vegan products. It was pretty awesome. Time consuming as fuck, but so delicious. And the best thing is that I made enough to have it today for dinner as well, so no need to cook. Can only warm it up. No hassle today.

Andy suggested that we could go and see Hobbit over the weekend. I am really excited, which is probably a bad thing, since I have my hopes up and it will probably not be that awesome as I hope it to be. But I am really looking forward to it. have wanted to see it ever since I heard it was coming out which was more than a year ago. So yay for that!

Anyhow. Still an hour until people start taking lunch breaks. And some 3.5 hours until I will be taking my reading break. Living for the break. Look at me, being all adult and whatnot xD

Ordered some stuff from Jinx today. Portal shirt and Companion cube panties. Isn't that typical. Love to shop for cool stuff, heat to earn money. I guess that I have to start coming up with a way how to start liking what I do. Maybe something that I could do from home. That would be great.

I guess that that is it for now.

I don't promise that I will update during the weekend. Most likely will be back on Monday.

See you all then!

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