Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hopefully getting better

Bought some flowers for my work desk today. Finally it is starting to look like my desk. Soon we will remove the extra monitor, so that I have more space. That would be good. Thinking about getting something more on here. Maybe some Star Wars figure or something like that. Or maybe a small turret from Portal. Make it mine so to say.

I feel better with plants in my vicinity. Somehow they calm me down. The same as animals do. I think that it is important for me to feel the link with the nature. Even if I am pathologically bad with keeping plants alive unless they are located in the garden.

I wish our place had a garden.


Had a conversation with my boss about the new work duties. Sounds a lot and overwhelming, but I think that I am in a safe mental place at the moment. So I am having good feelings about it. I just want to have things to do. I hate it when I am bored and I am bored quite a lot. I get bored when there is nothing new to learn. And somehow I get really lazy when I am bored. I won't even look up anything new in particular. And I will get even more bored. A terrible downwards spiral into misery.

My body is trolling me today though. I got a headache yesterday afternoon and couldn't get rid of it until I actually gave up and took a pill around 6am. Slept until 7am. So am really tired at the moment. Stepped on the scale at 6am too. Was 75.6 kg. After the hour that I slept I stepped on the scale again and it showed 76. Don't know what happened there, but I don't like that. Hopefully it was just some kind of a glitch in my system and I will be lower tomorrow. Or at least the same.

Fingers crossed.

I cycled to work again. 12 km. Will have to do the same again in the evening. My ass hurts and my legs are kind of wobbly. It has been a while since I cycled. Will have to train up again. Probably will have to take the train and walk tomorrow though. Afraid that I won't be able to cycle. But will see. Maybe it will not be so bad.

I guess that is all for today.

Stay lovely.

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