Monday, 14 January 2013

A lovely monday for a change

I have been happy today. Due to a simple fact that the ground here in the South of UK is covered with a lovely layer of snow. I really miss snow in winters. I want to have it desperately and I wish there was more of it actually. BUT IT IS THERE!

And that made me grin so noticeably that a stranger came to me when I was waiting for the train and said that I have made their day by being that happy. And that mysterious person made me smile even more, so I can't stop! My jaw is cramping xD

The weekend was really nice. Didn't do much at all and I have nothing against that. I did make that aubergine curry on Friday evening. It was quite lovely actually. And Andy liked it a great deal too. Nice and spicy.

Speaking about Andy, he gave me a huge bouquet of flowers on the Friday evening. Roses and lilies. It is gorgeous. And I can't help but smile from ear to ear like a Cheshire Cat whenever I see it or even think about it. There, sitting here at work and smiling like an idiot :3

Also made some Miso soup with shitake mushrooms and a lot of veggies. At least today I can not worry that Andy will starve while I am away in that opera thing. I can't wait actually. Really, really want to go already, but I still have some time, so have to wait. I am way too impatient. I don't know if they will have me sing though. I kind of hope that not, while I am having my natural feminine things going on (yay, not a parent) and it is not a great idea to sing when you have that. At least not for the first three days. Of course, if they ask me to do it, I will. Because I am not giving up a chance to join their group so easily.

Fingers crossed.

The work is going pretty fine. Doing some support things and such. Still have my lunch/reading hour, so that is awesome. Yes, I know that I am kind of lazy.

Weight actually made a great surprise for me on Saturday morning. I was down to 74.8 kg. Then back to 75.5 on Sunday and down to 74.9 this morning. I am happy to see it moving in the right direction, but really would want it to not be all over the place. GO DOWN AND STAY THERE, god damn it! The important thing is that the vegan thing seems to be working. I had some cereal with vanilla soy milk and a banana for breakfast and have two apples with me for dinner as I will be home late and I will not be eating around 23:30. So yeah. Is good. I am hoping that I will have a bit less tomorrow to despite my female stupidity.

Again, fingers crossed :3

And on this pretty happy note I will end this entry.
See you tomorrow hopefully with some good news!

Stay lovely.

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