Thursday, 10 January 2013

Not much to say

Hi there everyone.

I have been doing some things today. Finally something new and exciting to learn. I am happy about that.

Actually not much has been happening in the period from yesterday's entry to now, so I am not quite sure what to write about. Maybe that is why I was postponing this entry so much.

Made the risotto yesterday evening. Was super delicious.

However, have gained today. Oh well. I am just hoping that it will be fine again. Fingers crossed I guess.

Had a long thought about McDonald's apple pies today. Unsurprisingly they are not considered vegan. I wish I was more surprised. Basically they don't have animal related products in them, but they are not guaranteeing that they will come in contact with oil where the meat was cooked. Kind of sucks. Really would have loved a pie right about now. Anyway. I'll just go home and eat my leftover risotto.

What else...

Nothing really.

Will be trying to do some singing today. Found a nice peace to learn from 'Patience'. I don't think that it is awfully difficult. Will see how it goes.

I guess that I am going home now. Last email scheduling a thing for tomorrow as early as possible.

Stay lovely.

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