Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Good news?

As I left yesterday saying that I will be back today with some good news, I have to keep my promise and actually provide the good news in both instances.

I went to the opera group yesterday evening. Was stalking around the place for a good half an hour until I manged to actually find someone who was from there. Well, I was too early anyway, so that was the reason.

The group is full of really nice opera enthusiasts. I really loved it. I sang a verse from one of the German songs as an audition and was already put into a production in the chorus. It is awesome. Finally I get a place where I can sing on a regular basis. One step close to doing what I really want. One step closer to being in a real opera house even just in the chorus. I really would not need much more for happiness.

The other good news are that I weighted 73.6 kg in the morning. My jaw absolutely dropped to the floor. That is amazing. More than a kilo decrease from yesterday. I know that I didn't really get to have proper dinner in the evening and that I will gain again once I get to eat something, but at the moment I can gloat in the relatively low numbers there.
Also it appears that I won't be able to have a proper dinner today, so I might (wishful thinking right there) be around the same weight level tomorrow morning as well. Fingers even more crossed than yesterday.

Andy had used his time well at home last night and had concocted a hot sauce that burned my throat and tongue until I got to brush my teeth. I even didn't have a great deal of it. Just placed some on the very tip of my finger to taste. It packs a mighty punch indeed :D
On a bonus side, all of the kitchen smelled really awesome.

We are going out to the cinema today to watch a translation of Puccini's La Boheme from Royal Opera Theater. It has a Latvian singer in the role of Mimi, so I am super excited about that. I know that I will totally love it.
I am heading out in some 15 minutes, so that I can get to Reading in a timely fashion. I am REALLY hoping that the trains are running in a proper fashion tonight. No more excessive hanging around in the train by the station, or I will not be happy about that.


The snow is gone today. It is just pretty cold and kind of wet. Wearing my warmer coat today and gloves. I still have freezing hands though, so that is not cool. And my toes also are kind of on the cold side. I think that my blood pressure has really worsened recently. I feel really cold a great deal of the time. A good thing that my laptop is warm and I can warm up my freezing fingers on it. At least a little bit.

And again, I think that that is all. And the work day is too. Tomorrow is Wednesday already and that means that the week will be moving to the end. Yay :3

Unit tomorrow and stay lovely!

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  1. I'm so happy for you for the opera group! enjoy it darling, I'm sure your voice rocks! :)