Friday, 15 April 2011


7 things you want to do:

1) Enter a music academy
2) Graduate uni
3) Get a carrier as an opera singer
4) Kidnap Andy :3
5) Lose weight
6) Figure out a way to get insane amount of money
7) Be permanently happy

So Andy left last night and I miss him already. Go figure why. I guess that this might feel like a junky feels. Don't know :3 Just yes. Addictive. And a hickey on my neck is a bit sore. Wondering how sore his are xD

He said "I love you" yesterday and it felt so... right to say it to him too. My only regret is that it took us so long. Eight years of knowing each other. Eight years which have flown in a frantic blurt of insanity closing in. How different would it have been, if only we would have thrown caution to the wind already then. But even now - this has been worth everything. Worth every moment of hertbreak that I have had and every moment of sorrow I might have in the future. Everything is already worth it.

Still can't believe that he is not a figment of my overactive imagination.
Maybe I am just sitting around in my apartment and talking to myself. Somehow I find such a prospect highly amusing.

Burning candles and watching "Clockwork Orange". And waiting till he will wake up after arriving at home. I just wonder if I'll be capable to stay awake till he logs in. So impossibly tired.

I slept through my uni lecture this morning. Woke up 5 minutes before the end of the lesson.

I probably should try writing some more for my essay, but my brain has turned into mush and totally is not cooperating. Anyway. I'll just read some files and maybe I might even still come up with something.

Good night everyone <3


  1. i miss being in love

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  3. It sounds like you two are a good match. I miss my boy too. A TON! I know how it is. :/

  4. That's so romantic! I bet you two are so cute together!

  5. you are so lucky! So jelous I want someone like that ah! XO