Thursday, 14 April 2011

Ohne Dich

8 things you're known for:

1) For my headphones - I listen to music 24/7 and if I am out of my house, I always have headphones with me. Basically it is as if I would have them permanently attached to my person.
2) My silence - I know how easy it is to insult people and since I don't really like people alltogether I rather keep my opinion to myself. Even if it is totally a selfish move to get things for myself.
3) For the fact that I didn't speak to almost anyone except one person all through my first year in Uni.
4) For being that one chich who wears black a lot.
5) For singing in a band. Even though we were not popular or anything.
6) For drinking waaay too much xD
7) For being a really nice, trustworthy person - this one actually surprises me every time when I hear it. With my socially awkward, avoidant personality, which doesn't like people very much at all and watches gore flicks as comedies, I am srprised everyone still thinks of me as a nice person xD
8) For spending too much time online :D

So lately I have been a horrible blogger. I know, I know :) And OnMyWay, thank you so much for being concerned about me. You are such a sweetie :)

But the point is, as you already know, Andy is visiting and actually he is leaving in 11 hours - by bus to Tallin and then by plane to England.
This is the first time that we have spent so much time together and I am so happy with life all the damn time, that it is barely possible to keep any form on concentration. It seems that we have exchanged our average drugs of choice with each other and it is practically insufferable to be apart. And everything seems fine. In place. Fun, exciting, happy even. Feelings that I had forgotten for a very long time.
I am not sure how sane it is in our case, being both sociopathic and all. Probably if the world knew, we would be forced apart xD Quoting Andy: "Are the two of us just a killing spree waiting to happen?" But it feels right. So I don't even care if the rest of the world explodes and rains blood over me. I might be even happy with that - no one left to bother us.


Ehem... Ok... That was probably too much information :D

As for anything else, we went to the cinema to see that new movie "Paul". It was so funny. I mean, how awesome can it get - an alien with an attitude. I would strongly suggest it to anyone into scyfi and comedy :3

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  1. I missed you hun.
    I figured you were spending time with Andy.
    As for those feelings of inseparability, that is how my relationship with my love is. It was horrible leaving him behind on the weekend. We are inseparable, we hold each other together through the hardest times.
    You sound so in love and happy!