Monday, 4 April 2011


I am such a disappointment to my parents. Probably will lose everything that they have worked for and push them in an early death. Then die myself in poverty from alcohol poisoning or just go totally crazy.

I am not up to music today.

I wish I was stronger.
I wish I wouldn't have to cry.
I wish I cold be a better person one day.

11 signs you're not into someone:

1) I start giving very short answers.
2) I become totally introverted.
3) I start trying to avoid meeting them.
4) I openly ignore them.
5) I'll start looking around a lot.
6) I'll say that I am leaving for bathroom and then disappear forever.
7) I'll start deliberately trying to insult them.
8) I'll try arguing with them about everything.
9) I get irritated about everything.
10) I'll lie that I am ultra busy and can't talk to them, meet them, write.
11) I'll tell them straight to the face to leave me alone (this would happen, if I have enough drinks beforehand, and the person has annoyed me long enough)


  1. Hang in there babe. I know it's hard, but the worst times are always just a speed bump. And there will be good soon to come. :) We're all here for you!

  2. Chin up darling,
    if you want an email address or something to get hold of someone to talk to you can have mine!