Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Temple of Love

10 things you do when you're bored:

1) Watch movies non-stop.
2) Read a book.
3) Do hand crafts.
4) Listen to music and dance.
5) Surf the net in hope to find something entertaining.
6) Surf art pages.
7) Try working out.
8) EAT :/
9) Go for a walk.
10) Start cleaning the house obsessively.


I can almost not wait anymore. Andy is arriving tomorrow in late evening. Yesterday/today we skyped till 4am. I woke up 8am with understanding that I am not going to manage going to gym today and drifted back to sleep till 11am. But that's ok. I can't feel upset. I can't even force myself to be as upset as usually about the huge increase in weight due to constant binges during the weekend. I am just bouncy and want tomorrow to come sooner.

Anyway. My cold is ever present, which is not cool. Throat is sore and nose is stuffy. But I have a singing lesson in several hours. I have no idea how I'll pull it off. But whatever. I have had lessons also with blasting hangover, so this shouldn't be horrible xD

Did some beauty procedures - meaning pampered myself with an epilation, bath and facial. If I can't be as skinny as planned, then at least I am going to look as good as I can with what I have at the moment.

Also I think that I need to go grocery shopping. I want to treat my boy, whn he comes. And my fridge looks very empty. It would be horribly difficult to make anything at all. I just hope that I have stopped the period binge frenzy and am again safe to go in a shop and not buy just junk and nothing healhy. Fingers crossed.

Also tomorrow in the morning I have a spa appointment to do ultrasound lyposuction. I hear that it is real good and you can get 1-3 cm off after just one visit. I am not sure if I want to get it for waist or for thighs. It will probably be a last moment decision xD

Anyhow. That is all for now. Long post was long :D
Stay wonderful girls!

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  1. Did we not recently discuss these dreadful overeating and ugly binging weekends. We do hate them, don't we! And of course the munch-fest mens period, can it be anymore dreadful.
    Enjoying a wonderful bath would be nice. Especially when you have a cold. Baths around here don't happen since our washroom is in renovations. So all we have is a shower! Better than nothing I guess.
    Stay strong luv! Don't fret. You'll get back into it. You're that strong.