Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Personal Jesus

Ah nostalgia. It has been hounting me a lot lately :D So that's why you are getting a really nostalgic song for me. Manson was something that started my transition from what everyone likes to what I like. I still remember "The Dope Show" showing on the local Music station. Manson was so shiny and new then xD And despite the fact that I was listening to Spice Girs, Backsreet boys, and *gasp* Britney I was waiting for his videos :3 eh... *sigh* good memories. The past me would probably never imagine just how deranged I'd get xD

Anyhow, I am meeting Andy's grandparents tonight. I am excited and fidgety. Hoping that they won't go all "What were you thinking!?" on him afterwards :D But I am so happy that I don't give a damn. As long as he is happy with me I don't give a shit about what everyone else is thinking. And he seems more then happy, so in your face, world! >;3
But I really need to get ready, therefore this is going to be a rather short entry :D

To finish it off

9 things that make you happy:

1) If I have a good day in singing lessons. I am extremely happy when I can sing something better then previously.
2) Winning things. I am a very sore loser and most likely will hold things against people. If I participate, I want to win. Winning makes me feel better then everyone.
3) My cat and cats in general. They are so funny and cuddly and I just want to touch them all the damn time (my cat is not amused by this xD)
4) Going to concerts. I love rocking out to my favorite bands and DJs. That is one of the reasons I loved working as a bartender. The busy days with DJs were awesome.
5) Andy. He someow manages making me smile and laugh a lot.
6) Watching movies. I love watching movies. I could probably go on movie marathons non stop. Normally, if I am doing something on my PC I am paralelly watching something on my laptop.
7) Dancing. It makes me feel free.
8) Thunderstorms. I act like a retard and pull my clothes off and dance around half naked in the rain when I am in the country and there is a thunderstorm. And generally go for a swim as well. Risky and stupid - my kind of activity :D
9) Not having things that I have to do in set periods of time. Deadlines stress me out.


  1. I totally am there for #2,3,4,7,8 (although I dont swim. I just loge the storm) and 9. Basically everything!! :D

  2. I love dancing around like a loony in the rain and storms...
    my ex thought I was a nutter the first time he saw me do it

  3. Hey, i've selected you for the Versatile Blogger award. check my blog for info. :)