Thursday, 7 April 2011

Get Your Body Beat

I repaired my platform boots :D Bought the glue that is meant for shoes and glued the platform back. I was so frustrated when they fell apart. They are one of my favorite shoes ever, so no deal, if they start to fail.
And it is getting warmer outside. It has been raining like a motherfucker though. So still below 10 degrees Celsius. But I am ok with that :3

I haven't heard that voice that usually is screaming at me for eating anything at all. I don't know why. Maybe Andy has something to do with that. I have been just happy this last day. I hadn't even imagined that I missed him that much. When I saw him yesterday it was almost as if my world suddenly was right again. Like he was the missing puzzle piece. And everything was ok. And I have been eating like a normal human being and lost a kilo. Even had some chocolate.
Met Andy's dad and his grandparents. It was nice. Then stayed over at his place and had a fantastic time together. Today I am just drifting on the cloud 9 and want to dance to everything. Actually have a real dfficulty to sit here and type xD
Anyway. He is picking me up again sometime real soon. And we are going to another ex-classmate and his girl. Sounds like a nice night. Just have to do stuff tomorrow. Have to be in uni and stuff :/

Bwah! I am gone! He is here already. Till later <3


  1. Awe, this is such a great post - I'm happy you're smiling... :)

  2. Its been 5 days and I am worrying about you! Just trying to make sure you are ok! I know Andy is there though and you are a big girl. You are most likely fine! I have big news on my blog if you want to check it out! <3