Saturday, 2 April 2011

A Little Priest

14 not so simple facts about yourself:

1) Sometimes I think that I never finish what I started.
2) I have always gotten tired of guys as soon as I got them. Had a huge crush on a friend for 5 years. The crush ended as soon as we had an affair.
3) I like choosing people as toys and proving to myself that I can practically always get them, if I want to.
4) I cry a lot in romantic movies, books and such. Actually I am big on crying and can cry almost on cue xD
5) I am so ticklish, that I can make myself laugh. It is one way to get me completely unable to fight back or even move.
6) I have more pity for animals then people. IMHO most of the people just deserve to die.
7) I used to be an anime freak. But that faded together with my general interest on Japan.
8) I know that I can do whatever I set my mind on and be insanely successful at it with small level of effort necessary. Sadly it is too hard for me to choose just one thing and focus on that.
9) Blood makes me hungry. If I donate blood, I generally stare at the packet where it goes. And I will consume the blood, if I hurt myself.
10) I love candles. Looking at fire calms me down. The same way as looking at water.
11) When I get drunk, I become very social and generally fun to be around, because I lose any social graces and go wild.
12) I find older guys very attractive. And I don't have any problem with having a relationship with someone way older.
13) I get along with guys much better then with women. Actually I find girls more confusing then men. Men are more direct and I like that.
14) I am absolutely anti-religious. Generally I hate any sort of religion and discriminate against people who are active followers of any.

There. Maybe these facts don't exactly portray me as a nice person. However, I have promised to be honest here. So that is what I did. People who know me in reality might actually be confused to read this, because I don't show any of the negative characteristics openly. I want people to think that I am practically a saint. I find it amusing.

Anyhow. The fasting got postponed a bit. My period begun totally unexpectedly which is a good thing. I was rather sure that it is going to begin next week when Andy comes. But like this it is gong to be over by then. Which is good. The downside - I have the munchies like you wouldn't believe it. But at least the parentals are going to go off and leave me home alone again. Which will alow me to fast as much as I want it, write my essay, go to the gym and generally do whatever I want, however I want to do it. That makes me joyful :3

I think that I have run out of things to write. That is, I could blabber on and on about everything in the world, but I just don't feel like it anymore. So I'll just finish up watching Sweeney Todd and go get some shut-eye.
Good night, darlings.


  1. 6) I have more pity for animals then people. IMHO most of the people just deserve to die.

    Me too... :) Animals are... so pure.

    About the older guy thing - Totally agree! This is the first time I'm dating someone younger than me! =/

  2. btw. Sweeney Todd is amazing. :) GREAT film!

  3. I don't even know why, but I also attract guys who are way younger. There is still one 18 yo who is writing to me periodically and even dumped his girlfriend telling her that he is in love and such. Creepy, clingy boy xD And there have been another couple of cases. Maybe they need an older sister who gets into trouble all the time. Don't really know.
    But older guys are nice. They know a lot and generally are better at intellectual conversations.

  4. I prefere older guys...
    have to be atleast five years difference...
    the conversations better, the sex... oh my god...
    and confidence

  5. Agree about older guys, so much better in every way. And I agree about religion, I was forced into a church school for two years, put me off any type of religion full stop,
    I find girls so bitchy, with guys, what you see is what you get. Its a lot better that way xxx

  6. My Boy is 5years older, best thing ever. So much more mature, can take care of me, it's amazing. This post makes me wonder how old you are. Sending skinnies darling.

  7. Turning 24 in July actually xD One of those "I'll never grow up" people.