Saturday, 2 April 2011

All Star

13 ways you break the ice:

1) Get drunk and lose social ihibitions.
2) Talk with everyone except the person I actually want to talk to.
3) Stand next to someone till there appears any reason to ask something.
4) Make eye contact, smile, turn away and carry on with my drink.
5) Dance somewhere near, looking in the general direction. Follow this with point 3.
6) Overhear a joke and giggle. Considering that number 1 is already done.
7) Draw somewhere near the bar while drinking. Some people will notice and start talking.
8) Read a book by the bar. Has the same results as number 7.
9) Ask how a coctail tastes. Obviously not working if the person is drinking beer or straight-up liquor.
10) Ask for time. Generally at this moment number 1 is already done and this question will be followed up by random banter from my side.
11) Ask for a lighter. Again not appropriate, if a person is a non-smoker.
12) Sit around and sulk till someone notices and starts talking.
13) Do absolutely nothing.

Antisocial much? xD


  1. #1- hilarious. Have done it. Always forget or regret in the morning.
    I love you blog! You always have something interesting sometimes random to say. Keeps me reading! I know, I suck at commenting.

  2. Love it lol. I'll look to your list when I need to break the ice. "Oh wait hang on...okay get drunk, lose social inhibitions, got it!" Sending you skinnies girly ;)